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A Miracle Of Tiny Pebbles

Hot people massage is an interesting therapy for those who are keen on massage. This is because hot pebble massage apart from beautifying female skin, has some effects on revitalizing one’s health. It is preferred by many thanks to its capacity to bring balance to health.

The hot pebble massage process is quite elaborate, especially “being streamed” with hot pebbles. Pebbles applied in massage, besides the pebbles which are as big as a first; there are small and nice pebbles as well. Before being used in massage, the pebbles are streamed hot in herbal substance, and then will be put on aching organs of the body. The know-how of hot pebbles rests on the temperature in the center which the pebbles keep.

After massaging the whole body with specific attar (a perfume or essential oil extracted from flowers or petals), the masseuse will gradually scatter hot pebbles on both sides of the spine, shoulders, arms, and elbows, and insert small pebbles even in the space between toes. Meanwhile, tender massage acts are performed and combined with pressing nerve focal-points to ignite the energy source “burning” the body. The concave-convex pebbles closely stick to the muscles and veins to strengthen muscles, leaving tiredness and stress behind… Particularly, the hot vapor emitted from hot pebbles will tenderize lumps of muscles and awaken the senses to recuperate. With massage method of pressing nerve focal-points Swiss style, hot pebbles therapeutic massage enhances blood circulation, cures rheumatism and relieves stress.

Those who have experienced many traditional massage methods received similar benefits while enjoying hot pebble therapeutic massage. This is the perception of tiny vibrations on the body thanks to the pleasant diffusion of temperature from the pebbles streams hot in medicinal herbs.

A human foot is considered as a map of your health because it aggregates many nerve joints. If these nerves are manipulates and pressed correctly, we may have enduring health. After heating mineral and smooth pebbles, the pebbles are put in between the toes, the bigger ones are glided slowly along the muscles of the legs to let heat absorb deep into the muscular areas, to help soften muscles, to reduce numbness to get rid of beriberi and to eliminate muscular aches and pains on the legs.

Applying hot pebbles massage on the nape of the neck, the back, the arms or the face not only helps recharge energy, but it could also eliminate facial wrinkles, dissolve fat and make you more vigorous at the beginning of a new day.



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