Tran Nguyen Ngoc Trang was born on 14th September, 1983 in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Her hometown is Da Nang city, Vietnam. She graduated at The Open University with Business Administration in 2005, and just finished MBA at London Metropolitan University in 2010. She has got many achievements in university. She was eager to take part in many activities in my university such as market research, scientific research, some activities in extra-curricular and contributed much in scientific research. She has got Scientific research award in 2003 when she was a principle of scientific research club; excellent award in thesis defending in 2005 relating to international business; three-good student award, advance youth award and some other awards. She got many scholarship awards just as research scholarship award, good student in activities award, British Council scholarship award…

She has long time experience in scientific research, construction, heavy industries, real estate and stocks. She has participated into many huge projects located in Vietnam, made developing ways and  boosted development. Briefly she has  experienced since 2001 as project director and investment manager. She began her career in industrial field immediately after she graduated. She has been an expert in project marketing, investment promotion, and investment consultant for domestic investors as well as foreign investors who were interested in industrial parks, manufacturers, buildings, real estate and stocks.

Here is her details.


-General director at New port

– CEO at SG Perfect Co., LTd.

– Chairman at Golf campus business.

– Finance Manager at Singhealth Hospital.


– Bachelor of B.A at The Open University. School year 2005.

– Master of B.A at London Metropolitan University. School year 2007

– Foreign relations affair certificate.

– Chief Accounting at Economic University.

– Modern banking services certificate.

– International business certificate at British council.

– Investment consultant certificate at Well and Well group.

Tran Nguyen Ngoc Trang’s info



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